While the Chinese were experimenting with gunpowder the Europeans where experimenting with compressed air.

Precharged powerplants otherwise known as PCP's are the cutting edge of that technology. Powerful and accurate with mechanical and now electronically control pressure systems, these guns lead the market in airgunning.

I have listed here many of the guns that I have worked with but not all. If you have any questions about a custom build or interested in one of these designs please contact me and we can discuss or place an order via e-mail.


Sporter designs start at $450 plus shipping in a grade 2 Claro Walnut

Thumbhole designs start at $525 plus shipping in a grade 2 Claro Walnut

Pistol Stocks start at $250.00 in a grade 2 Claro Walnut plus shipping

These prices do include a decorative grip cap and sample jar(for natural grain wood items-don't use on laminates) of our custom oil finish 

Wood upgrades, adjustable components, decorative forearm caps, stippling etc... are additional

Daystate Airwolf Right Hand Sporter

Benjamin Marauder Right Hand Thumbhole

Gen I

Benjamin Marauder Pistol and Crosman 1720t

Ambi Pistol Stocks

Benjamin Marauder Right Hand Thumbhole


QB78 Ambidextrous Sporter Custom Build

Crosman 2260 Custom Build

Hammerli 850 Custom Build

Benjamin Discovery Custom Builds

FX Royale Ambidextrous Thumbhole

FX Royale Right Hand Sporter

Benjamin Marauder/Crosman 1720t Pistol Ambidextrous Thumbhole

FX Ranchero Ambidextrous Sporter

Gen I

FX Ranchero Ambidextrous Thumbhole

Gen II

(Background photo for the website is one as well)

XP Airguns Custom Right Hand Thumbhole

FX Ranchero Pistol Stocks

Gen I & II

Benjamin/Crosman Take Down Carbine Stock Grip & Forearm Set

DAQ Pistol Ambidextrous Thumbhole Stock

FX Ranchero Custom Build Right Hand Thumbhole

Crosman Ambidextrous Custom Build Sporter

Crosman 2250 PCP Custom Build Ambidextrous Sporter

Benjamin Discovery Ambidextrous Sporter

Crosman 2250 Custom Build Right Hand Pistol Stock

FX Monsoon Ambidextrous Thumbhole Stock

Air Arms S400/410 Right Hand Thumbhole Stock

FX Tarantula Right Hand Thumbhole Stock

Daystate Air Ranger Right Hand Thumbhole Stock

Benjamin Marauder Ambidextrous Thumbhole 

Gen I

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