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I have been building Crosman grips for the grip frame trigger unit style guns for many years and they have gone through quite an evolution during that time. From one piece designs to the panel grips we offer today. Here are some of the design details that separate our grips from many designs offered in the industry. All our grips are designed, cut and completed right here in Gainesville, Texas. The "SC" medallion will now be engraved inside one of the panels for each set instead of putting it on the outside. A lot of the wood I use is uniquely beautiful and feel that some people may not like lettering engraved into the wood distracting from it's beauty so have decided to make that change. 

We use a combination of modern technology and old world wood working skills to produce these unique high performance grips.

Comfort and control of the action is the purpose of a well designed and built grip and we list each performance feature here on this page along with the 4 models of grips we now offer-Ambidextrous, Sport, Target and Match. Our grips have a 5 point contact to the grip frame and are hand fitted insuring a "no wobble" fit. Nothing is worse than a grip that clunks around on a gun!

These grips are offered in several varieties of woods and colored laminates. We also offer grips with wood matching forearm/pump arm sets  as well!

We offer the Sport and Target designs in right and left hand. We build these grips on a monthly basis and will post them for sale on our Grips for Sale page once completed. The Target and Match grips are size specific and those sizes are listed with each set for sale on the Grips for Sale page. Hand sizing chart is also listed at the bottom of this page.

Currently not taking custom orders for grips but rather building and posting items for sale on our site once complete. I feel I can offer a wider variety of products for customers to look at and immediately purchase if I build many sets at a time.

Thanks for looking!


Our Ambidextrous design offers most of the same features as the Sport, Target and Match grips but with more of a universal fit for left and right hand shooters due to its "open" design.

The Ambidextrous grips have a pronounced palm swell, palm support shelf and a slight trigger finger support. These grips are also the most economical of the 3 designs. We offer them in natural grain woods and colored laminates. These grips are not built hand size specific due to the universal fit of their design.


Our Sport design offers most of the same features as the Target and Match grips but uses less wood than each of those and comes in less expensive but still offering great performance. 

The Sport grips have a pronounced palm swell, palm support shelf, thumb shelf and a slight trigger finger support.

We offer them in natural grain woods and colored laminates.

This design is not built size specific like the Target and Match designs are. Less surface area contacting the hand gives more forgiving fitment of sizes.

Offered in Right and Left Hand!


Our most popular grip is our Target design. Built for maximum comfort within the confines of the grip frame dimensions.  These grips have all the unique features that are found on some of your higher end target grips on more expensive guns. Grips offer a generous palm swell, palm shelf and thumb shelf but also have a trigger finger support shelf for consistent finger placement and also have a large surface area for the middle finger that supports the weight of the gun to rest on instead of the 1/2" wide metal trigger guard.

These grips are more size specific and as we have them posted for sale will fit medium to large hand sizes. Several design components allowing the fitment of both sizes. 

We offer them in natural grain woods and colored laminates.

Offered in Right and Left Hand!


Our Match grips are the most unique grips that we offer for the Crosman/Benjamin line of pistols.

 These grips have all the same unique features of our Target grips but with one additional cool feature-THEY'RE ADJUSTABLE!

That's right-they come with an adjustable palm shelf. We have sold quite a few of these and if your a serious shooter or just want something really cool for your Crosman pistol, get one of these!

These grips are size specific and can be built up to an XXLarge size. 

We offer them in natural grain woods and colored laminates.

Adjustment wrench is included with each grip set-just mount, adjust and start shooting!

Offered in Right and Left Hand!

Hand sizing chart

XXL* for 105mm-
XL* for 100mm-
L for 95mm-
M for 90mm-
S for 85mm-
XS* for 80mm-
XXS* for 75mm-
hand width, measured across the knuckles, without the thumb.


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